Consider the synergy of privacy, security, big data and artificial intelligence.

Recent advances in cloud technology allow direct access to meaningful volumes and sources of data that can feed artificial intelligence algorithms to discover patterns and provide awareness like never before. These revelations are at the heart of innovation and new discoveries, driving competitive advantage in an era of global competition.

At the same time, expectations are evolving in the area of privacy, security and ethical use of data. Consumers and regulators are demanding data recipients demonstrate a commitment to protecting the privacy and security of personal information as well as provide adequate assurances of its ethical use. These commitments are expected to be public, transparent, verifiable and enforceable.

Organizations meeting consumer expectations for privacy, security and ethical use gain a competitive advantage in access to the data necessary to drive innovation. A first step along this path is to value and celebrate data privacy, security and ethics. 

This website is dedicated to providing information and resources for the interrelated areas of privacy, security, big data and artificial intelligence.



Grant V. Barrett JD, CIPP/US/E


ABOUT GRANT – Grant Barrett is an attorney and Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US Private Sector, CIPP/E Europe) focused on privacy law and how it impacts digital transformation. Grant is a former Superior Court Judge with over two decades of experience in some of the most difficult and challenging areas of the law. His interests and training are in the laws and ethics governing privacy, security, big data and artificial intelligence. Grant is passionate about ensuring private and secure spaces for people and organizations to safely share information and experiment with new ideas, technologies, methods and products to reach their full potential.